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Filetto di manzo di Andrea Perini con Guadagnòlo Primus

Chef Andrea Perini’s beef fillet with Guadagnòlo Primus

Andrea Perini from the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay at the Al588 restaurant in Bagno a Ripoli, Tuscany, shows us a recipe…

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Steamed egg with potatoes and truffles by Chef Andrea Perini with Sincero

In this dish the bitter and spicy notes of the moraiolo will make the difference, enhancing the softness of the potato,…

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Andrea Perini "lo chef dell'olio"

Chef Andrea Perini, the astronaut of extra virgin olive oil

Chef Andrea Perini, the extra virgin astronaut. Taking part in a tasting menu by Chef Andrea Perini at “588 - Borgo i…

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Olio EVO filtrato

Why always choose filtered extra virgin olive oil?

Filtered or unfiltered, EVO oil is good if obtained from excellent raw materials, however, the problem is on storage…

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Flos Olei Guida ai migliori extravergini di oliva

Flos Olei – A guide to the world of extra virgin olive oil

Flos Olei is an international competition, addressed annually to the best olive production companies in the world.

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Francesca De Ritis assaggiatrice professionista O.N.A.O.O.

Francesca De Ritis

She is a professional taster O.N.A.O.O. and coach in online tasting lessons.

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About us

We consider extra virgin olive oil a precious food, rich in taste but above all rich in life. We decided to undertake…

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Our oil tasters

Like a good wine, a great oil must lead to a pleasing nose and multiple aromatic scents. A good oil, regardless of its…

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Eggplant tartare by Chef Andrea Perini with Don Gioacchino PDO

"In this dish I chose to use the single variety of Coratina Don Gioacchino DOP from the Sabino Leone company for its…

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